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Just wanting to let you all know that from the 15th to the 22nd of October Blood & Secrets will be available at a discounted price. I will also be writing a book that will appear between books two and three in the continuing Night Movers Story. It will be based around the end of Julia’s pregnancy and the birth of baby Rory, and I will be giving the book away free to those who have signed up to my mailing list.

I am also writing a dark romance that has nothing to do with the Night Movers Series but is something that I’m really enjoying doing.

I will try to be as active on social media as I can but for the moment the writing has to be my priority, so I’m only going to try to check in once a day. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right balance when things require my attention, but hopefully I can train myself to do so and can get a good way forward in all my projects. Please feel free to keep in touch wherever you can, it’s always great to hear from my readers.

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