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Pre-order now! Released 20th of September.

The Runaway & The Russian is on pre-order now, with a release date of the 20th of September.

Hi all,

It's taken me a while to get here but The Runaway & The Russian is ready and waiting; its release date is the 20th of September.

Pre-order link:

While it's not my usual genre, I felt I had to get this story out there. This is a romance that's certainly not all hearts and flowers. But then again, neither are my paranormal romances. I would love to know what you think of this novel, which is the first in The Runaway Trilogy.


When her best friend goes missing after being targeted by child groomers, Tess Robertson feels she has no choice but to run away. Fearing for her life, Tess leaves the children’s home where she’s resided for the past eighteen months, and boards a train bound for the capital. While wandering the streets of London, Tess realises she’s being followed, causing her to run once again, straight into the path of a bullet meant for arms dealer, Kolya Barinov. While Tess recovers, Kolya vows to keep her safe: to give her a good life in return for saving his. But is this simply swapping one danger for another? Or could the path to true happiness begin with blood and bullets?

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